Instances of Ancient Gambling

Gambling is something that has been around right from the early civilizations. Humans have been engaging in some form of wagering or betting right from the ancient civilizations. Although we can say that there was some form of gambling going from the time of human existence on earth, we come across solid instances of gambling in the ancient Chinese civilization. The first playing cards were found in China as early as 9th century BC. They were used both as a game and as a wager. There are also references on lottery type of gambling in the ancient Chinese books. The Ancient Roman and Greeks loved playing the dice game. It was also a forbidden game at some point in time where penalties were imposed on people who indulged in this.

Same Game Different Name

Gambling has evolved over time in different ways in different places. It is really an interesting thing to note that it was in existence simultaneously in different parts of the globe in different forms. It goes to prove that humans also have the same kind of basic thoughts and tendencies no matter from which part of the world they are. Even though the origin of the card games was in China, it gradually spread to Italy and France where the reference to card games can be found in 1400’s. Slowly casinos came into existence with the first ones to be found in Italy in the 17th Century. Casinos soon spread all over Europe and US by the 19th century. It is believed that the Black Jack in the card games originated in Spain in a game called ventuina. Poker is believed to have originated either in Persia or France. The 19th century witnessed Poker tournaments across the US. We now bet on sports to getb our gambling fix through sites like .